Retirement Planning

Fixed Annuities

Fixed Annuities

Fixed annuities are one of the only safe-money products that can guarantee practical retirement solutions, protecting your hard-earned dollars and generating an income that cannot be outlived. They guarantee an interest that will never be less than zero, even if the market goes down.

Traditional Fixed & Fixed Index Annuities

Both types of annuities offer a guaranteed minimum interest rate and tax-deferred growth. That means your money grows tax deferred up to the day you decide to take an income and your annual return will never go below zero because of index volatility. The difference between the two lies in the name. A traditional fixed annuity provides interest accumulation based on a fixed interest rate for the set period while a fixed index annuity provides the potential of growth based on an external index, however, interest earned is protected and can never be lost once it is credited to the annuity contract.

Lifetime Income Benefit Rider

This is a rider that’s included on most fixed indexed annuities which allows you to take a lifetime income from your annuity without losing control of your retirement assets. This is possible because the lifetime income is in the form of regular withdrawals instead of annuitized payments.

401k, 403b, and IRA Rollovers

The main goal of a Rollover is to provide protection of principle. By transferring your retirement portfolio into a retirement plan, like a Fixed Annuity, it reduces the risk of market volatility while still providing an opportunity for growth.

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Indexed Universal Life

An IUL offers multi-purpose protection and flexibility. This plan can be used as a retirement strategy for those who don’t want to pay taxes at retirement age. It is funded with after-tax dollars and the amount needed to fund the policy depends on your personal retirement income goal. There are no taxes during the accumulation phase while the cash value of your policy grows. If you are to pass away before retirement age, the policy will pay the death benefit to the appointed beneficiaries tax-free!

Thrift Savings Plan

Thrift savings plans are similar to 401(k) plans except that they are open only to federal employees and uniformed services personnel. Participants in a TSP enjoy tax-deferred earnings and low administrative expenses. Whether you are preparing to retire, or new to the federal government, we are here to help guide you through the process.